Support Gamut Theatre Group!

These are all of the ways that you can support Gamut. To read more about any of these options, just click on the yellow title of the program!

Donate to Gamut’s Capital Campaign

After 20 years of entertaining Central PA, Gamut Theatre Group, the combined theatre company of Popcorn Hat Players Children’s Theatre and Harrisburg Shakespeare Company, announced today that it had purchased the Harrisburg property of 15 North 4th Street, formerly The First Church of God, for the purpose of creating a permanent theatre space for the company.

Donate to Gamut’s Annual Fund Drive

Did you know that…
…ticket sales and other self-generated revenue only cover 63% of the costs of our shows and educational programs?
…we need to raise $15,000 to reach our 2013 Fund Drive goal?
…as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all contributions made to Gamut Theatre Group are tax deductible?
…giving to your favorite non-profit groups makes you feel really, really, really GREAT? (Science!)

Money Saving Membership Program

We’re still a small company, and we know the importance of saving money! That’s why we’d like to offer you these EASY ways to enjoy live theatre AND save a ton!

Sponsor a Show/Event

Sponsorship is a great opportunity for visibility of your company! It is also a great way for individuals to become a part of the shows and events they love!

Tax-Deductible Donations

Running the Gamut is a tireless and constant duty, and it seems like there’s always some new expense. You can make a tax-deductible cash donation at any time throughout the year to help us shoulder the burden!

Endowment Fund

While the funds placed in Endowment are not spent, the interest raised from them provides a steady flow of income for the theatre. Contributing to the Gamut Endowment Fund will help ensure that Gamut programming continues far into the future!


So much work, so few hands! If you have any technical/theatrical skills, interest, or even just curiosity, we can often use your help!

Advertise in our Popcorn Hat Programs

Our programs get read by over 15,000 people each year! Isn’t it time for your business to get its name out there?

Advertise in our Mainstage Programs

Our programs get read by over 15,000 people each year! Isn’t it time for your business to get its name out there?


You know how things are; sometimes they break, sometimes they just become obsolete.  There are many items we need at the theatre but just don’t have the budget to grab yet. Take a peek on our wishlist to see if there’s anything you can purchase or donate!


Support Gamut just by surfing the web! GoodSearch and GoodShop donate money to charitable causes for every search done and every purchase made online!

Change for Change

The big, pink bucket in the lobby during all of our shows and Morris the Money Moose during Popcorn Hat show are for our “Change for Change” program! Donations made—in any amount—help us maintain and improve upon our wonderful and ever-expanding space!

In-Kind Donations/Services

Have any clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. that are just collecting dust? Or lack the money to donate, but have valuable skills or services you can provide? Give us a call! In-Kind Donations are also tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law!